Cogito Identity

@cogitojs/cogito-identity allows retrieving identity information over telepath (e.g. from a Cogito app).


Add @cogitojs/cogito-identity as a dependency:

$ yarn add `@cogitojs/cogito-identity`

The example below shows how to use telepath and CogitoIdentity in order to retrieve the user identity properties:

import { Telepath } from '@cogitojs/telepath-js'
import { CogitoIdentity } from '@cogitojs/cogito-identity'

const telepath = new Telepath('')
const channel = await telepath.createChannel({ appName: 'Tutorial' })

const requestedProperties = [
const cogitoIdentity = new CogitoIdentity({ channel })
const info = await cogitoIdentity.getInfo({ properties: requestedProperties })
if (!info) throw new Error('No identity found on the mobile device!')
console.log(info.ethereumAddress, info.username)

Currently, ethereumAddress and username are the only identity attributes supported by CogitoIdentity.