Telepath (iOS)

For a general introduction to telepath, please check telepath-js.


First import Telepath in your source file:

import Telepath

and then instantiate a Telepath instance. You need the URL of a running Queuing Service.

We recommend that you create your own queuing service for the actual deployment. For the testing purposes you can use a queuing service available at

let telepath = Telepath(queuingServiceUrl: URL(string: "https://...."))

Connecting to the secure channel

You connect to a secure channel with the channel id, and the corresponding symmetric key (e.g. extracted from the QR Code scanned with the mobile app):

let channel = telepath.connect(channel: channelId, key: channelKey)

You can also use a convenience method providing it with the Telepath URL (e.g. through a QR Code):

let channel = telepath.connect(url: telepathURL)

Sending and receiving messages over secure channel

You send messages over a secure channel using the send method:

channel.send(message: "a message") { error: Error? in
    // ...

and you receive messages using the receive method:

channel.receive { message: String?, error: Error? in
    // ...

The received message will be nil when no message is available.